• Muhas Hopspital

    Project Name:Muhas Hopspital
    Project Location:Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
    Project Scale:6000m²
    Project Series:M Series

  • RSUD Mamuju

    Project Name:RSUD Mamuju
    Project Location:Sulawesi, Indonesia
    Project Scale:572 HP
    Project Series:X Series

  • Abhaiphubejhr Hospital

    Project Name: Abhaiphubejhr Hospital
    Location: Prachinburi,Thailand
    Operation Time: May, 2017
    Capacity: 72HP
    Unit Series: X & M series with 4-Way Cassette and 2-Way Cassette 

    Abhaiphubejhr Hospital is located in Prachinburi province Thailand, it’s a famous hospital in eastern of Thailand. Customer install Hisense VRF system at 5th floor and 6th floor.