Edificio de Oficinas

  • K-Flex office building

    Project Name: K-Flex office building
    Location: Uniejów
    Operation Time:July,2017
    Project Scale:1400 Sqm
    Unit Series: M Series with Cassette, Wall-mounted

  • Kino Office Tower

    Project Reference:Kino Office Tower


    Capacity:2079 HP

    Project Scale: 45,410 Sqm

    Brief:PT Kino Indonesia Tbk is an Indonesian company that manufactures and markets personal care products, beverages, foods, and pharmaceutical products in Indonesia and internationally. This company has produced many well-known brands in in the market. This building has 26 floors in total including 3 floors of basement that use Hisense central control and Hisense electrical billing system. This electrical billing system will easily calculate the electrical bill for defferent area.