• Balco Factory

    Project Scale:350 Sqm

    Project Name: Balco Factory

    Location: Łowyń / Międzychód
    Operation Time:June,2017
    Project Scale:350 Sqm
    Unit Series: M Series with Cassette, Wall-mounted

  • Pol-Mak Printing House

    Project Name: Pol-Mak Printing House
    Location: Przeźmierowo k. Poznania
    Operation Time:Aug.,2017
    Project Scale:600 Sqm
    Capacity: 32 HP
    Unit Series: G Series with Cassette, Wall mounted , Fresh Air

  • Xiaomi factory Turkey

    Project Reference:Xiaomi factory Turkey

    Location: Istanbul, Turkey

    Capacity: 554HP

    Brief:Xiaomi Turkey factory is located in Istanbul, with production capacity of 5 million sets of smartphone per year, which attracted the attention of the country’s leaders such as the Turkish President. This is a great reference project, which laid a good foundation for the development of future factory projects.